Personal Stylist: the style confidence package (part one)

What can I expect from my personal stylist consultation?

It takes a certain amount of confidence to be comfortable standing out from the crowd.  Nowadays more people than ever before are realising the benefits of having their own personal stylist to help them maintain an up to date look.

Building a comprehensive and authentic style profile takes you on a journey of contemplation and self-discovery. We really need to allow ourselves time to fully embrace this process.

uncover your style confidence

My personal stylist service:  the personal style confidence package, consists of several face to face sessions, together with regular email contact in between sessions, throughout an 8-week period.

The aim is to keep everything relaxed and informal. When we meet it is usually somewhere the client has picked where they can feel comfortable and at home. Although, especially in response to Covid19, we will now often meet virtually instead.  Working online will also allow me to help more clients anywhere in the country, and beyond.

Our first meeting is all about getting to know more about you, starting with where you are right now, in terms of how you feel about your style, and where you want to get to.  We make plans for what we will cover in our next few sessions, and you will set some goals for yourself.

This initial session is geared towards you gaining more clarity and perspective around your desire for change, rather than us rushing straight in to tackle your wardrobe.


a pile of different coloured filing cards with "personality" written on the top one.  items are on an orange table top beside a green cactus in a white pot

During our next meeting we will be looking in more detail at who you are as a person.  The lifestyle you lead and the roles you fill day to day.  We will delve into the psychology of style and how we can use the information we discover, to start to build a detailed picture of your style personality.  Once you begin to understand your style personality better you will start to be able to define the way you want to look and how you want to be seen.

What do you think your current image says about you?  Are you happy with that message or do you feel misjudged?  A big part of my role as your personal stylist is to help you to get that message aligned with your personality, so it looks effortless and natural and feels authentic.


rainbow water colours

As well as your style personality, another important step in creating the best look for you is to think about colour.  You can easily make or break an outfit by your choice of colour.  We will therefore dedicate some time to working out which shades look great on you.  These will be the ones that compliment your natural colouring and make you look fresh and vibrant.

We might use some coloured drapes to determine whether you suit cool/warm, dark/light, or bright/muted colours. And do not worry there is no need to wear colours that you do not like.  Equally, if it turns out that your favourite colour is not in your ideal palette then we can work around this.

Throughout our sessions I will introduce different questionnaires, exercises, and handouts as we need them.  Each person is different so we will tailor the content as we go along according to your needs.

In my next post we will look at some of the other topics we cover as part of the Personal Style Confidence package.

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