The Style Consultations: (part two)

The style confidence package – what happens next?

In our first few style consultations (see previous blog post) we will have laid the foundations for your new look.  You will have started to build a picture of the image you are working towards.  We will have discovered the colours that you look great in.  You will have begun to work on understanding and dressing to suit your style personality.

colour fan displaying full spectrum of colours

Understanding body shape

The next step is to look at another key element in your style profile: your body shape.  There are various ways of describing body shape for women and men, but there are essentially five or six basic categories for women, and three for men. 

Don’t worry, unlike in some TV makeover shows, you will not be required to strip off at this point. We work it out while you are wearing your normal clothes!  Your body shape is largely determined by how wide your shoulder line is in relation to the width of your hips. And whether you have an obvious waist or not.   We also take your height into consideration, and how long your legs are in relation to your torso.

illustration of female body types: rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, rounded, triangle, diamond

Regardless of what shape you fall into; the ideal is to dress in a way which creates an overall impression of balance.  To look as though you are all in proportion, and that any patterns and accessories you wear, are to the correct scale for you.  To this end once we have established your natural body shape, we can look at the types of fabrics and cut of clothes that help you achieve this balanced and in proportion look.    This is when you really begin to see the difference between true style and high fashion. I guide you to look fashionable and modern without succumbing to trends that just do not suit you or will date quickly. 

illustration of male body types:  ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

Creating the perfect wardrobe

Did you know that it is estimated that most people wear a mere 20% of what is in their wardrobes? (read more here) That means there is a lot of stuff in there that probably does not need to be.  Possibly even a selection of brand new, unworn clothes that you have forgotten about or feel guilty for having bought in the first place.

You will now have reached the stage where you know your style personality, colour direction, and body shape. That means we can start to edit and organise what you have in your wardrobe.  The result we want from this session is to have a space that is full of only those items which fit your newly developing style profile.

modern and tidy wardrobe interior featuring a selection of men's and women's clothes: after wardrobe edit

We usually allow extra time for this part because it can take a while to go through everything.  You will need to spend some time trying things on, and you might find things in there that challenge you.  Before we replace your favourite items, we will devise the best way to organise and store them to suit your lifestyle.  By the end of the wardrobe consultation you will be able to create an inventory that tells you exactly what you have. Allowing you to easily identify any gaps of things you might need to buy.

Next time we will cover what happens in the remaining one-to-one style consultations included in the personal style confidence package. We will look at shopping, getting creative with accessories, and building that confident, healthy self-image. 

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