Personal shopping and finishing touches: Style Confidence Package (part 3)

Personal Shopping

You will now have reached the point where you have learned more about your personal style and have been through your wardrobe to edit your clothes and accessories.  Maybe even re-discovering some things you had forgotten about.  Or new ways of wearing things, to make them work better for you.  As a result, you will know what you have, and whether there are any gaps you need to fill.  

(You can catch up on blog posts parts 1 and 2 to find out more about what is covered in the earlier sessions of the Personal Style Confidence Package here)

This is the time when you might want to think about introducing some new pieces to enhance your existing outfit selection.  I will help you to compile a shopping list so that you have a clear record of what you need.   And depending on your location,  we might arrange for me to accompany you on a personal shopping trip. 

Depending on your budget, and how many items are on your list, you may want to buy everything straight away.  Alternatively, you might decide that you will buy one or two key pieces now.  Then you can keep your list as a guide for when you are ready to proceed with the rest.  

person dressed in jeans and jacket carrying colourful shopping bags


Shopping Anxiety

I often find that my clients are reluctant shoppers.  What is your experience of clothes shopping so far? 

Do you find yourself putting off shopping and then panic buying at the last minute when you have a special event to go to?  Maybe you are not sure what to buy so you end up sticking to the same shops.  Playing it safe by repeat buying similar things to what you already have?

Another issue for my clients can be a lack of confidence in the changing rooms.  This often stems from poor self-image, and you feel like nothing looks good on you.  Have you been out shopping with friends and they always seem to manage to find great stuff?   But they are all focussed on themselves and no one seems interested in how you are feeling about what you are trying on?

Or maybe you are in a hurry?  Perhaps because you are feeling guilty that your partner is getting fed up hanging around waiting for you?

Well, fear not!  Our personal shopping session will help you overcome these issues.  It is designed to help you take a new approach.  Possibly even help you step outside of your comfort zones when it comes to trying new styles. 

In the current climate of Covid19 it is unlikely that we will be hitting the High Street for a personal shopping trip.  However we will still cover having a strategy:  what to look for and what to avoid, and how to not be intimidated.  Your first shopping trips during and after your style confidence package are not all about high end stores and spending lots of money on fancy clothes.  It is more about getting the basics right and building your confidence as an organised and discerning shopper.

Online shopping

It is more likely now that we will look at online shopping as your best option.

personal shopping:  someones hand holding a mobile phone showing an image of shopping bags and the text "online shopping"

Based on your style personality and body shape I can help you with choosing websites to look at and maybe explore some you have previously not considered.  The main difference with online shopping is that you are not able to try before you buy so it is vital to understand the sizing guide for each brand you are looking at.  Most websites have a size guide you can link to when you are selecting an item.  In order for this to be useful  though, you need to have a record of your own key measurements, in both centimetres and inches.  This helps to avoid costly mistakes and having to return too many things which end up not fitting.

You will soon realise as you shop on various online stores how the dimensions change from one brand to another so better to go by your actual measurements than the size on the labels.


In one of our first sessions on the personal style confidence package we discussed style personality, and how important it is to how you look and feel.  One of the easiest and least expensive ways to immediately inject your personality into an outfit is by clever accessorising.  This is what makes the difference and creates an overall ‘look’. 

Accessories can be used to:

  • add a pop of colour to a plain outfit
  • create a focal point to draw the eye to your best features
  • add vertical detail to elongate your look
  • help pull individual pieces together
  • elevate an outfit from day to night
  • or simply to express your mood that day and to change up your wardrobe staples to keep you from getting bored of them

We will also look at shoes and bags and which ones work best with different styles. 


The other main topic that we cover during our style consultations is your self-confidence.  Style coaching encompasses an element of life coaching as well as style and image mentoring.  This allows us to make sure that your inner self-image grows to be just as strong as your new outer self-image. 

This is such an important thing. 

The image we see in the mirror is only half the picture.  To feel completely confident, you need to be able to feel good within yourself.  That means overcoming any negative self-talk that has held you back.  Your mindset needs to be strong too for your newly awakened authentic style to last in the long term.

woman in front of mirror.  She holds her hand up and considers her reflection, looking anxious about her image and personal shopping

I can help you to strengthen this all-important inner confidence as we go through the process, and in a separate session if needs be.   

We can work on: 

  • body language
  • re-framing negative thoughts
  • drawing on positive memories and developing a habit of gratitude
  • positive visualisation

Once you really believe “you are worth it” “you do look great” “you deserve to feel good”  “you can achieve what you want” then this will start to shine through and help make whatever you are wearing look amazing on you.  A healthy self-esteem is the ultimate accessory for any outfit!


You can start your own journey to personal style confidence today!

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