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Would you like some help to boost your confidence and re-connect with your authentic style?

I can help you to identify your unique look and then support you through the transition period as you grow in confidence and find what works for you.

Our personal style and image is a key part of who we are.  Although at different stages in our lives it is easy to lose sight of this as we strive to fit in, and perform the many roles we face day to day.  This sometimes means we stop putting any real effort into looking and feeling our best.  We can start to see investing in our style as unimportant or too daunting.  Whereas we should be acknowledging it as a vital step in our everyday self-care, and to maintain healthy self-esteem.

It is my job as your personal style and image mentor to help you re-discover this for yourself.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You have lost confidence in how you look
  • Feeling a bit stuck in the past
  • Struggling to express yourself well
  • Afraid to stand out
  • Feeling invisible or overlooked
  • Scared to try something new in case you get it wrong
  • Overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for new things
  • Your wardrobe has got out of hand and is a daunting place to be
  • You would like to make some changes but need a bit of help and support to get there

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Just imagine then, how good it would feel to be able to have more confidence.  To gain a renewed sense of identity which is aligned with who you really are:  your authentic self.  Having the tools to be able to confidently manage your wardrobe, shop wisely, and look and feel your best whenever you want to.

One of the best pieces of advice that I received many years ago was “dress for the position you aspire to be in rather than the one you are in now”. This advice came from a human resources colleague in a business setting, but it has stuck with me, because really it can apply to any life situation.  It demonstrates your belief in yourself, shows that you value yourself, and lets others know who you are and how to treat you.

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How a Personal Style and Image Coach could help you

For many people, myself included, a great way to lift ourselves out of a rut in our lives is to take a fresh look at our personal style and image. You can start to see results and feel the benefits straight away, and it can be a life enhancing process.

Have you ever really considered how important your personal image is?  And by personal image, I mean the way you see yourself in your mind’s eye, as well as what you see in the mirror? It is a key form of our non-verbal communication.  This means that the way you look can subconsciously tell other people a lot about you, and new people you meet will see that first before they hear you speak.

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Would you like to feel the benefits for yourself?

  • Feel empowered
  • Feel at ease with yourself
  • Discover your style personality and learn how to express yourself well
  • Understand your body shape and style characteristics and learn how to dress to look and feel your best
  • Explore different colours and recognise which ones to wear to make you look vibrant
  • Gain an efficient, organised, and exciting wardrobe that inspires you
  • Become confident in choosing styles that suit you so that you save time, stress, and money when you are out shopping
  • Learn some new tools and techniques to allow you to transfer your newfound confidence to enhance other areas in your life

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What the Personal Style and Image Coaching covers

The key areas we work on are:

  • Style confidence: aligning your style and image with your personality and your lifestyle
  • Style characteristics: determining the best styles and fabrics to wear that suit your body shape for a great overall look and one that you feel comfortable in
  • Colour confidence: learn to introduce more colour into your life and understand how wearing your wow colours can make you look great and boost your confidence
  • Wardrobe planning and management: get your untidy, overcrowded wardrobe into shape and working better for you.  Allowing you to get dressed every morning with minimum fuss and anxiety regardless of what you have planned for the day
  • Shopping confidence: learn how to prepare for shopping trips and events in advance so that you avoid the need to panic buy, or repeat buy things that you don’t need.  Become a more discerning shopper, by knowing what you need and what to look for.  Feel confident to try new styles.
  • Putting it all together: learn how to build a polished look by combining all the elements of your unique style profile with a healthy self-image and confident body language

This is a holistic service which works on your personal style, your self-image and mindset, and how you organise your wardrobe.

  • All coaching sessions are flexible and adapted to your pace
  • Sessions are booked on a pay as you go basis
  • You can choose to sign up for one session if you just want help to get started, or you can book a series of appointments to achieve a more in-depth style and image up date
  • We meet online via video call
  • Video call meetings typically last between 1 and 2 hours each
  • Throughout the sessions we will use a selection of questionnaires, worksheets, coaching and colour tools as required
  • Email support is available alongside your face to face coaching sessions

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Personal Style and Image Coaching helps you to:  

  • Gain new confidence in your personal style and build an image that feels authentic
  • Dress to reflect the person you are today
  • Be empowered to find a way out of your style rut
  • Understand the colours and styles that work best for you
  • Learn how to confidently organise and plan your wardrobe
  • Learn how to shop more effectively, and maybe even enjoy it more!
  • Develop skills to help in all areas of your life
  • Understand the value of building self-care and ‘me time’ into your routine

Are you ready to start your journey to personal style confidence?

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