Your personal style is so much more than the clothes you wear

Hello, I am Avril Dickson, a personal stylist and image coach based in Edinburgh.  I deliver style and image mentoring to people like you who are ready to make a positive change in their lives. 

Unlocking your inner style confidence can be the perfect way to get inspired, get organised, and get focused.

I believe that our personal style is fundamental to who we are as individuals.  How we dress is important to how we see ourselves, in the way express our personality, and how we are perceived by others.

By investing in your personal style, you get to develop the image that works best for you.  When you feel more confident, you look more confident too. 

If you are at the stage where you would like to bring your wardrobe up to date then I can help.

Discovering your authentic style is empowering!

woman standing confidently wearing stylish clothes: a camel coloured cropped suede jacket with contrasting zebra print cross-body bag in gold and cream. Also wearing light cream/white top and wide leg trousers and has red nails


There are lots of reasons why you might want to refresh your style and develop your image

Career change

When you move into a new field of work you want to feel like you belong in your new environment and look the part.

Retirement and working from home

When you have been used to living in uniforms and corporate dressing, learn how to adjust to dressing for you instead.

Body shape change

Sometimes ageing, illness, or weight loss can change how you look and feel.  As a result, you would like to build your confidence back up by creating a new, positive image of yourself.


Learn more about your personal style to re-brand yourself and boost your confidence and move towards living the life you would like to have.

happy woman, confident in her style, sitting at an outdoor table at a cafe


Feel at home in your clothes.  Let them speak for you.

Your style is unique to you and sets you apart from the crowd.  Investing time in your style and image gives you the chance to be creative and build the habit of self-care and more mindful dressing and shopping into your life.

Keeping your style up to date helps you to look and feel polished.  It is good for your self-esteem, and makes finding something to wear on a daily basis much easier and enjoyable.

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