Reflect: on life and style

A chance to reflect 

2020 so far has been a year like no other and I think it has given us all a chance to reflect on our lives a little.  I doubt any of us would have imagined spending months at home, unable to go out to work, visit friends and family, or not be able to do any number of routine stuff that we all used to take for granted.

Sometimes though, we can be stuck in a bit of a rut in our lives and it takes something out of the ordinary like this, to help us to take action to change.

As we move slowly out of lockdown, do you find yourself yearning to get back to how things were before?  Or deep down are you glad to have the opportunity to reflect on your life and are ready to see some changes?

Minimalist white room with large wooden framed mirror propped against one wall. Two large cactus plants reflect in the mirror. The text "Reflection" is written and the whole image is framed in animal print.


For me, the lockdown period gave me a chance to re-assess my priorities.  I have a part-time administrator job which I do alongside my personal image coaching, and in the months leading up to the start of the pandemic my hours there had been steadily creeping up.  I wanted to redress the balance but did not know how.  Lockdown, and the subsequent changes to working practices have solved that problem for me.  My new challenge is adapting to working fully online with my clients – something that I feel will be a great opportunity in the long run.  I have relished the chance to have more creative time, and to re-ignite my passion to help as many people as possible to achieve a happy, authentic, and up to date image.

How did lockdown affect the way you dressed?

Another thing that I have loved about #stayathome has been the opportunity to wear my wardrobe.  Spending all my time in my ‘me clothes’, the ones that I feel at home in, and that inspire me.  No need to wear the black trouser suit ‘uniform’.  I also wore make-up (minimal), styled my hair and put on my jewellery.   Alternating between dresses and trousers as the mood, or the weather dictated.  For no other reason than it has simply become part of my daily self-care routine and makes me feel good.

There was a lot of talk on social media of people not bothering to dress up because they did not need to.  At first the novelty of lounge wear was great, being able to be free of the constrictive outfits we must normally wear.  However, the novelty soon seemed to wear off as people got bored with the lack of variety, and this led us into dress up Fridays and meet-ups via Zoom.

Often the way we dress influences how we feel.  Which means that dressing down and not putting any effort into how we look, can have a negative impact on productivity if we are working from home, and lead to a general lack of motivation and lowering of mood.

Woman working from home. Sitting in bed using her laptop and dressed in pyjamas and looking lethargic. A small dog lies beside her.

What about you?  Does the image you see in the mirror reflect the way you want to be seen now?  Or does it look more like a version of you that you have outgrown?

A sense of renewal

I always like to think of September as a time of renewal.  The changing of the seasons, and a time to take stock of where we are.  This is traditionally the time of year when the nights are drawing in, that we start to look at self-development.  Evening classes start up again after the summer break and we can feel inspired to learn something new.

What about if this year, it was learning more about yourself that you prioritised?  Where could an image refresh take you?  What possibilities might it unlock?  We might well be heading for a return to more restrictions and stay at home time again, so why not use this time wisely to invest in your future?  Learn to feel happy and confident in the way you dress again, while reconnecting to your inner sense of style.  Nurture your self-image.



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