Christmas Style

Christmas style 2020

It’s the party season, but not as we know it!

However, even though we won’t be going to any big events this year we can still have some fun with our festive wardrobes.  After all, dressing up is as much about making us feel good as it is to look good.

This year offers us the chance to be as dramatic or as understated as we like, to suit ourselves.  We can surround ourselves with all the scents, sounds and textures we love.  To create our own feelings of comfort and joy.  If you are going to be on your own, then all the more reason to look and feel good.

Instead of the typical party outfits that we might normally go for, we will probably be looking for something a bit less formal and more comfortable. Whether that is for online get togethers, or simply to create a cosy and relaxed glamour as you sit by the fire watching tv or reading.

Another thing we might be doing more of this year is spending time outdoors.  Possibly visiting people in their gardens, or at outdoor venues, or enjoying walks in the fresh air.

selection of small images of womens festive clothing and accessories for Christmas style. Green velvet jumpsuit, red sparkly top, white and blue fair isle jumper, red pearls, blush walking boots


Since the party dress is on hold, it would be a good time to invest in some warm outerwear instead, to make the most of any time off.  I am often tempted to sit by the fire and indulge a little too much in good food at this time of year.  I welcome the incentive to get outside for some fresh air and exercise to balance this out.  As well as helping to counteract the calorie intake, it can also be great for mood, and mental health.  I think it’s especially important we look after ourselves after the year we’ve all just experienced.

Choosing your Christmas style

So, what sort of style might work for a low key or stay at home Christmas?

We should always start with shopping your wardrobe.  What do you have that could become your seasonal outfit?   How about basing it around colour?  The colours often associated with this time of year tend to be red and green, and silver and gold.

For inspiration think pine trees, poinsettias, baubles, and tinsel.  Starry nights and frosty white mornings.  The icy blues, greys, and pinks of a crisp wintery sky.  Perhaps try wearing colours together that you wouldn’t usually do, to up the festive vibe.  Or layer up similar shades for a sophisticated monochromatic look.

As well as colour, also think about how you can dress for your style personality. Do you prefer bling and sparkle or a more understated look? For instance, if you are a t-shirt and jeans girl then why not stay in your comfort zone but add a bit of glamour with a sparkly version?  If you usually wear classic pearl jewellery you could switch up to some red ones instead?

selection of small images of womens christmas style: loungewear, mistletoe necklace, christmas tree brooch, animal print furry slipper boots, green top with purple scarf

Christmas jumpers?

Christmas jumpers are great fun but look for ones that can be worn throughout the winter – steering clear of Santa’s and Christmas tree prints.  Instead opt for a wintery scene or a traditional style fair isle knit.  It makes more sense financially and environmentally, to invest in things we are going to get more wear out of. These are also good for staying cosy on those walks on a chilly day.

What if you are not a fan of the traditional style jumpers but want to join in with the theme?  It can be great fun to jazz up a plain top with your own embellishments.   You could try adding a festive brooch or get creative with crochet or applique some designs.  Pinterest would be a good place to start to find some good ideas to help you.

Cosy socks are an ideal accessory at this time of year.  You don’t necessarily need to go for the novelty ones, which again have a limited lifespan, but choose something colourful.  Even if you are the most classic of dressers, it can be quite cool to see a flash of colour at the ankle.

How about new pyjamas and slippers for a nurturing feel – the shops are full of them just now?  My style personality doesn’t allow me to enjoy a true jammies day.  I find it difficult to relax without at least a minimal make-up, jewellery, and perfume on.  Pyjamas for me are more likely wide leg jersey trousers with a vest top and cardigan.

What is your style personality?  How do you feel about dressing up or dressing down?


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Green velvet jumpsuit:

Red sparkly top:

Fair Isle jumper (Fat Face) and Blush walking boots:

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