To sparkle or not to sparkle?

Sequin jumper
Kaliko at John Lewis

There’s nothing quite like a bit of sparkle to brighten up an outfit, or indeed your day.

Yes, that’s right – your day.  Who says that you have to save your sparkle just for special occasions or after dark?

Of course, there are degrees of sparkle and you wouldn’t want to overdo it, but a modest bit of bling can often be incorporated into your workaday wear quite successfully.  As with any accessory, it’s all about balance.

Sequin shirt

It’s lovely if you forget you’re wearing something sparkly and then the sun streams in through a window, bounces of the sequins and lights up the room.

I’ve had numerous people comment on a little cardigan I wear to work.  Everyone is complimentary; if a little surprised that I would be wearing it just for every day.

And that’s basically what inspired this post.

Sequin Scarf
Phase Eight

Sequin beret
Edinburgh, Scotland
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