Mirror Mirror

Some of you might worry that checking yourself out in a full-length mirror implies that you are somewhat vain, but unless you are spending way too much time preening, then this is really the only way for you to get a clear picture of how you look.

And why does it need to be a full-length mirror – would any old mirror not just do instead?

A full-length mirror allows you to see how all the different elements of your outfit are working together, at the same time.

For instance:

  • full length mirrorPerhaps those shoes worked with those trousers in theory, but when you check in the mirror you spot that actually the heel is just too high, making the trousers appear too short on you.  Take the opportunity to try out a lower heel instead.
  • Maybe the overall effect of those sandals with that skirt is too heavy a look, and you should swap them for a lighter, more neutral shoe.
  • The colour of that cardigan matches your shift dress perfectly, but on reflection (pun intended), you can see that it swamps the dress and hides the nice shape it gives you.  Quickly change it for a shorter jacket or a little shrug, to perfect the look.
  • Is that necklace an accessory too far?  Or perhaps a small scarf is the finishing touch you need to add a bit of extra flair for today’s important meeting?

And remember; when you look directly down at yourself you will tend to get a foreshortened view of your body which can make it appear wider than it is, and then you subconsciously carry that idea around with you all day, sapping your confidence.  So you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised and re-assured by looking in the mirror instead.

Also, you’re more likely to spot any loose threads, stains, or snags that you might otherwise have missed in your rush to get dressed.  And we must not forget that it’s always useful to make sure the view from the back of our outfit looks good too.

A quick glance in the mirror before you leave the house helps you to go out feeling more confident and self-assured.

Becoming comfortable with looking in the mirror, and learning to acknowledge and really appreciate your good features can sometimes take practice.  Familiarising yourself with your silhouette, your unique proportions, and your colour characteristics is an important part of your style journey.  One of the main things I teach my clients during their Style Coaching sessions™ is that style is about balance, harmony and proportion and on focussing on the positives.

I recently introduced a quick quiz on my web site to get an idea of how many of you already own a full-length mirror, and the results were very encouraging!  Everyone who voted said ‘yes’ they did, which is great.

But…are you all using them regularly though?  And are they somewhere accessible?

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