New year, True you

We’ve reached the end of January which means we might soon see the end of all the ‘New Year, New You’ calls to action that seem to be everywhere this month.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never found this to be the most inspiring season for me to embark on new things and change my life in any meaningful way.

I tend to feel a bit more sluggish and inclined to hibernating at this time of year.  The last thing I want to deprive myself of in the cold depths of winter is a nice glass of wine or some comfort food  Although like most people I have in in the past felt I should be making resolutions, to lose weight, get fit,  etc., and then a little bit guilty or disappointed when I don’t follow through on these empty goals.

lady wrapped in shawl, cradling mug and reading a book

Nowadays, I am much more comfortable being true to myself and admitting that I can get things done when the time is right for me.  Come the springtime, I know I’ll feel more motivated and therefore am likely to be more successful in anything I choose to start.

Just as some of us are morning people rather than night owls, so some of us are guided by other influences when it comes to making changes or beginning periods of renewal or growth in our lives.

Why not forget the new year, new you mantras, and join me instead in focussing this year on nurturing our true selves:  New year, True you?

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