A spring in my step

Spring is in the air and I can already feel the positive benefits.    As I said in my previous post, I feel more energised in the springtime and am ready to set myself a few realistic goals.  To enhance my life, and to help me to nurture my sense of self.

After a couple of weeks of struggling to get around due to crippling back pain I’m now feeling much fitter.  I have found a Pilates class which I plan to join, to help me regain my flexibility and core strength and to contribute to a sense of general wellness.

I have also found the motivation to get started on some home projects which have been on the ‘to do list’ since before Christmas.

To-do list 2019

In the next week or so my thoughts will be turning to tidying and re-organising my wardrobe and accessories ready for the spring and summer months.  Putting away the heavy jumpers and boots and looking out my lighter weight clothes and shoes so I’m prepared for milder, sunny days is something I enjoy.

For many people, myself included, a great way to lift ourselves out of a rut in our lives is to take a fresh look at our personal style and image.  Although, I realise if wardrobe maintenance is not something you’ve been in the habit of doing regularly then it might seem a wee bit daunting.  So look out for my next post where I’ll be including a few of my tips on how best to get started.

I hope you are feeling energised too!  And that you have begun to think about the ways in which you can embark on some self-development.  Continuing to focus on nurturing the ‘true you’ throughout this year.

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