Wardrobe Edit: Hello Spring

Would you believe it?  The day I chose to sort out my spring/summer wardrobe and tidy away some of my heavier winter garments, it was snowing outside!  Well, as an optimist I went ahead with it anyway in the hope that this unseasonable weather can’t possibly last.

My wardrobe, as well as being a little bit untidy, also had too much crammed into the available space and so I needed to do some weeding out while I was at it.  There are a few things which are past their best and a few that just don’t work for me.  Yes, even us style and image coaches make some wrong choices from time to time and need to adapt to our ever-evolving style.

row of colourful coat hangers to inspire your wardrobe edit

I’m not going to go into all the details of how I went about completing the task, other than to say that I like to practice what I preach.  If you would like to follow my de-cluttering guidelines to help you with your own wardrobe edit, then you will find a link to them at the end of this post.

Instead I’d like to focus on one aspect of the process:  deciding what to keep.

Any tired and worn out items are now on their way for recycling, but I’d like to tell you about a couple of the items which, although they are in almost new condition, I identified as being unsuitable for me and why they needed to go.

grey and black boho style top discarded after my wardrobe editGrey/black peasant blouse:  this blouse was bought when I was in a hurry one day, and I needed something new to wear for going out for lunch.  I had just given up my old full-time job and started working in a new part-time post in order to allow me to grow my style mentoring business.

Last minute purchases are never ideal, and I would always advise against this.  If you can’t find what you really want or need there is too much temptation to settle for something that doesn’t quite fit the bill.   Also, when going through lifestyle changes, like changing career, starting retirement, or embarking on a new relationship it’s easy to lose your sense of style direction, so you are more likely to buy something unsuitable.  This is where having your personal style coach is invaluable to help guide you through and help you discover the right look for you, as you are now.

On the face of it, the relaxed boho look of this blouse should work for me because it fits my style personality.  Unfortunately, it is a little bit too short and boxy for my body shape, so I never felt completely comfortable wearing it.

The other important reason for me deciding to relegate this top to the charity pile is the colour.  I do not suit wearing black and really need to stick to warmer shades.  Wearing the right colours can do wonders for our complexion and this one does not give me that healthy glow I’m looking for.  I got around this by wearing it with gold toned jewellery to play down the coolness of the top against my colouring.

coral coloured gigham shirt discarded after my wardrobe editGingham checked shirt:  whereas with the peasant blouse the colour was all wrong for me, with this shirt I was seduced by the lovely warm coral shade.   This is a colour that I can wear easily and feel great in.

However, this time the style of the shirt does not match my style personality and so when I wore it, I always felt the need to be constantly re-adjusting it and fiddling with it.  On the day I bought it I was out shopping for an upcoming holiday and, being drawn by the colour, I convinced myself I needed a summer shirt as I didn’t have one.  Now I remember why – they just don’t suit me.

I did consider keeping this one and tying the front to wear it as more of a cropped style cover-up, but I feel the pattern and fabric just isn’t me, and there is bound to be someone who can wear it better.

Wardrobe sorted I can now look forward to being inspired each morning when I open the doors, and confident that whatever I select will feel right and look good.

If you are feeling inspired to do your own wardrobe edit then you’ll find my basic guidelines here to get you started:  Wardrobe Review Basics 

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