Simply divine

Pot of creme divineAs my first (and undoubtedly not my last) heavy cold of the winter has left me feeling low this past couple of weeks, I have had to deal with one of the main side effects I am susceptible to:  tender, red skin around my nose which inevitably starts to peel horribly just as I start to recover.

Daily moisturising has long been part of my routine, and is something I always try to convince my clients of, however this somehow hasn’t saved me from my plight.

If you have experienced something similar you’ll know just how much it can sting when applying moisturiser in this instance, and that it can still take a few days for things to improve.  Any attempt to cover up with make-up only seems to draw more attention to the flaky look!

Well, this time I was fortunate enough to have to hand a sample of what has fast become a must have product for many people:  Crème Divine by L’Occitane.

There was no stinging, and within twenty-four hours I’d noticed a huge improvement in the overall condition of my skin.  It has a nice, faintly herbal smell which fades away as the cream melts into the skin, and really does feel luxurious.  Time will tell whether or not it will reduce any signs of ageing, but so far so good.

Although not the cheapest of products it does come with its own little spatula to help keep germs out and to manage how much is used.  A little goes a long way and it should last for a good while.

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