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Let’s Jump!

The last couple of summers have seen the maxi dress become a wardrobe staple. I wouldn’t be without mine now.  They are so versatile and there are versions to suit most people.

This year however, the jumpsuit seems to be its new rival. We have seen them steadily growing in popularity and now you can find them everywhere.


via JD Williams
via JD Williams

Have you made the jump yet?

No, well neither have I but I feel it is inevitable, and is just a question of finding the right one.

So, what do we need to consider when choosing the right jumpsuit for us?

  1. Cut – do we want palazzo style, slim leg, or a shorter culotte style?
  2. Colour – are we brave enough to go for a bold colour or stick to safer black or navy?
  3. Occasion – why do we need it and how will we wear it?
  4. Personal style – what will work best for us in terms of balancing out our proportions and making us feel relaxed and confident when we wear it?

Here are some options that I’ve found :

M&S / Fat Face / Evans / Hobbs / Tu Clothing / JD Williams

Will you take the plunge and try a new style this season?


Your wardrobe and the Pareto principle

Pareto Principle:   basically the theory is that whatever the situation, be it in business, science, or in day to day life, we mostly get 80% of our results from 20% of our efforts.

80 20 illustration

Are you one of the many people only using a small percentage of what is in your wardrobe?

If you have a wardrobe that is full to the brim but yet you still gravitate towards wearing the same few outfits day in day out, then the answer is probably yes!

Applying the Pareto Principle to your wardrobe scenario would represent you wearing a mere 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.

If this is the case, maybe it is time for a re-think?  How good would you feel if you could potentially free up 80% of the space within your own wardrobe, so that you have a more efficient, organised space in which to store only the things you really like and need?

Spring is traditionally the time when most of us start to think about a ‘spring clean’.  The arrival of some much awaited sunshine has us packing up the woollies and reaching instead for some more lightweight and brighter things.  This would seem the ideal time then to re-evaluate what you wear, and why you hold onto things you no longer use (or in some cases, may never have used).

Removing clutter can help you to focus on what is important in your life.

However, tackling the issue can sometimes be a bit daunting.  Where do you start, and what criteria do you use to make the necessary changes?

Here are some of my top tips for getting started:

  1. Allocate enough time: put a date in your diary and allow yourself up to 3 hours depending on the volume of clothes you need to sort through.  It often takes longer than you think by the time you empty, sort, evaluate, dust/clean the space and then replace/organise.
  2. Be organised before you start: have some bags ready to help you sort items for charity, recycling, eBay or laundry/mending.
  3. Invest in matching hangers: your things will look more appealing, you’ll be able to browse them more freely and the hangers will be less prone to tangling.
  4. Decide how you want to store your clothes: replace them in an organised way that works for you – by putting all of a similar colour together, or all similar item types together, or by capsules for specific occasions.
  5. Be honest with yourself: only put back what you know you will wear.  The things you really like and that make you feel good and that work with your body shape, and style and colour personality.

If you feel that you need some more help with creating your ideal working wardrobe then why not book a session with me, and we can work through it together.


Along the High Street: Sahara

Casually dressed woman sitting on wall
Laid back and effortless style from the Sahara spring 2016 catalogue

I have just been browsing the latest Sahara London brochure which landed through the door.

I love to be able to sit down with a coffee and an exciting new catalogue.  Right from a young age, when (pre-internet) catalogue shopping was all the rage, this has been something I’ve enjoyed.  It’s a much more tactile and relaxing way to shop than online.

I soon begin to imagine who amongst my family, friends, and clients I can visualise in the clothes.

The Sahara range offers us grown up, relaxed chic, and as well as their own brand, they also stock some top European labels which we don’t often get to see on the High Street.

I can see the long-line jacquard jacket as the basis of an ideal outfit for ladies day or for mother of the bride:  simply add a statement necklace, a shift dress and some nude or metallic heels.

Equally this jacket could work well with some smart straight leg or skinny jeans, some stylish brogues and a classic leather bag – keeping it classy but casual.

For the linen lovers who like to be dressed up without feeling trussed up, why not try the more unstructured look of the striped linen Nehru shirt?  The sheen on this gives it its edge and it can easily be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

You’ll find Sahara online at  or on selected High Streets throughout the UK.  We are fortunate in Edinburgh to have access to the only Scottish store, so why not pop in and browse for yourself?